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Motivation Tips to Get You Writing

Motivation Tips to Get You Writing

Only a writer can understand that writing takes commitment, discipline and an inner craving for penning thoughts down on paper. Everyday distractions can get in the way of your writing goals. However, you must not be de-motivated nor make up any excuse and push yourself to write your best.

However, writing when you are de-motivated will not reap good results. It is not easy to bring your writing spark back on once you go off track. However, here are some helpful tips to rejuvenate and motivate you towards writing.

  1. Set a date for yourself

Everyone is busy, but it is all about priorities. Set a time for a date with yourself and be free by that time. Show up and put your thinking cap on.

  1. Choose the right time

Set your writing time according to the time of the day when you feel most relaxed, imaginative or creative. For instance, it can be in the morning while having your morning tea. It can also be after a yoga session or at night when the house is silent and there are no distractions.

  1. Select a cozy, comfy corner

Your writing place does not have to overlook the ocean or have a view. It should just be somewhere comfortable, well lit and cozy. Ideally it should be somewhere you feel most relaxed and happy. Also, this spot should match your personality.

  1. Stick to the same place and the same time

Constantly changing writing spots and time will not allow you to get into the tempo of writing. If you keep coming to the same spot at the same time, after a few unsuccessful attempts, you will surely manage to pen something down.

  1. No electronic communication

People do not realize how distracting mobile phones and the internet are. You end up wasting your time by constantly checking newsfeed on social networking sites or else chatting with family and friends. If not that, then you end up playing games on the mobile. In short, with electronic communication nearby, you will end up doing little writing. Hence, be sure to switch your phone off.

  1. It is ok to write badly

If you are facing a writer’s block or are de-motivated, it is okay to write badly. The important thing for starting is to write write and write! Do not stop to judge, erase and re-write as this will waste your time being the critic and not a writer.

  1. Get help

It is not necessary that you have to accomplish your writing goal on your own. Take help from family or friends. Have them read your current work and creatively critique your writing. Also, a friend can ensure that you are in your writing spot at the time you decided you would be. If nothing else, a friend can offer support to you just by being there or offering encouraging words.

  1. Reward yourself

If you finish your writing goal, then reward yourself with a nice, hot bubble bath or a piece of chocolate.

I hope that some of these tips will be useful in achieving your writing goals. Moreover, love yourself and do not let any critique come in your way or deviate you from your job!

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