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5 Biggest Mistakes Authors Make when Self-Publishing

5 Biggest Mistakes Authors Make When Self-Publishing

Lots of people these days want to write as well as publish their books on their own. No doubt self-publishing is a great way for new authors to promote their books themselves as well as save on publishing costs. Nowadays, books are like a new business card. They link you to authorities, connect you to business clients and help new entrepreneurs establish themselves.

It is of course not an easy task to self-publish in book and print formats. However, we can guide you in some common mistakes which should be avoided at all costs as they will sabotage your efforts.

  1. Poor cover design

Covers always were and will always stay an important aspect in promoting a book. The term, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is almost always true. Your cover needs to be attractive so that the reader will want to purchase your book over the hundreds and thousands available online and in the bookshop. Hence, special attention needs to be paid to typography and color palettes. A tip for beginners is to view the cover in a small size and see if the title and author name is visible. If the images and text seem to be squashed then maybe you should employ the services of a professional graphic designer.

  1. Poor title

Your topic should be catchy and interesting no doubt. It should spark the attention of the potential reader just by the title itself. However, the title should also contain a keyword that potential readers might look up regarding a topic they are interested in. this will jump start your e-sales.

  1. Poor editing

A poor editing, misspellings, grammatical errors and typos can lead to your book getting bad reviews and you being deemed as a bad writer. To be on the safe side, one should employ a professional editor to go through your book and review the content and organization of the chapters. The editor will also check for typos and grammatical mistakes with more scrutiny.

  1. Disregarding the author biography and photo

A lot of people do not think of the author photo and biography of the author as important. However, the case is opposite. Skimping on these details can give a negative impression to your book. The author bio is a great way to connect with your readers. Also, it is the perfect way to establish yourself. Hence, read up on biographies in popular books and then show how you are the ideal person to be writing this book.

  1. Poor marketing of the book

All the effort in writing the book will be wasted if you do not put as much effort in promoting the book. Established authors do not need to market their books much as their name is enough to sell their book. However, you are new in the industry, no one has read your book nor do they even know your name. Hence, you have to put a good deal of zeal and zest in the marketing of the book. One good idea is to create a website of the book and then blog on different but relevant topics. Moreover, you can also make your own publishing company which will give your book a more professional touch.

We hope these tips will be helpful for all aspiring authors and entrepreneurs out there in self-publishing their own books.

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