The differentiating characteristic of going down the self-publishing road, is that the author has decided to take on the responsibility of publishing their work totally independent of a traditional publishing company. You should not be confused between self-publishing and vanity publishing. A great explanation of Vanity Publishing can be found here. Not so long ago, independently publishing authors and writers would have needed to spend a large sum of money on prepublication, printing books and storing them securely. Thankfully with the technology in today’s market brought to you by the huge print-on-demand organizations and with the choice of digital and printed books, mean self-publishing authors have the availability to have their book distributed worldwide within days.

The current digital revolution is completely changing the world of publishing, more authors are self-publishing every year with great results. Self publishing offers the author complete control of every aspect of publishing their book, from copy editing, proofreading, design, advertising and marketing, the list goes on. With all this control the author can be sure that the final product is just how they imagined it.

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Self-publishing is not always easy, if it is your first time then it can be a steep learning curve.

We are here to give you a helping hand. All of our services are designed to give you the control you need but using our expertise. Any service can be matched to exactly what you require and what your book will benefit from.

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