Book Design UK offers various publishing packages to choose from. These packages are for eBooks, paperback books (softcover) and hardback books (hardcover). These formats are very different and may not be suitable for every author.

We have highlighted the main differences for each format below.

Please note that when we talk about printing we are referring to our own specifications. If you are using a different printing company then specifications will differ.

Hardback (hardcover)

Hardback books are a fantastic option if you want a book to be special or last a very long time. All hardback books are created by hand. The text pages are bound by hot glue and the cover is fixed to a 3mm board which is then attached to the end papers of the text pages. Hardback books can be bound with either a PPC (printed paper case) cover or bound using cloth wibalin and then wrapped with a dust jacket.

Good for…

  • A unique and special book
  • Books that need to last a long time
  • Standing out from other books
  • Advanced pre-order copies

Paperback (softcover)

Most of the books we publish are perfect-bound paperback books. These books are bound together using hot glue and then the cover is also attached by hot glue. Paperbacks are available in all different sizes from A6 up to just over A4. You can have paperback books printed and delivered much quicker than hardback books.

Good for…

  • Cheaper publishing and printing costs than Hardback books
  • Many sizes available from A6 to A4 portrait
  • Various cover options to choose from
  • Vast range of paper types available
  • Advanced publicity copies can be relatively cheap


eBooks are growing in popularity every year. There are now more eBooks sold per copy than any other type of book. eBooks can be created for less than traditional hardback and paperback books, they can be sold worldwide instantly and can be available on almost all mobile devices. The listing price for eBooks is usually less than any other type of book due to its low publishing costs and selling eBooks with the main online bookshops may lower the final profits.

Good for…


  • Lower cost alternative to traditional publishing
  • Instant worldwide distribution
  • Available on almost all mobile devices
  • Growing target market