eBook and Kindle Self Publishing from £99

If you’re thinking about self-publishing a book, eBook publishing is a great way to go. Digital publishing costs can be much lower than traditional book publishing costs. This process is even more affordable for authors and also makes it possible for them to get their works out to a much wider audience.

eBook and Kindle self publishing is growing fast. Insiders reckon that at least 25% of all books sales are eBooks. It can be easier to get your book ‘Discovered’ as an eBook thanks to the big online marketplaces. Let us convert your manuscript and get it ready to be uploaded to the internet to sell within hours. Our eBook and Kindle self publishing process is simple, straightforward and affordable.

Why publish an eBook?

Distribute Worldwide

We can have your digital eBook uploaded to the internet and available worldwide within hours.

Save on Print Costs

Printing costs can sometimes be rather expensive for a first time self-publisher. You can sell a single copy of an eBook with no manufacturing costs other than the initial expense which can be significantly cheaper than a printed book.

Fast Turnaround

  • We are able to convert your completed manuscript into a professional publication within 2 working days
  • Order your eBook publishing package letting us know as much information as possible
  • Receive order confirmation
  • Approve cover design
  • Approve interior layout
  • Receive eBook format for uploading to your digital bookstore - Alternatively we can upload all files and arrange full distribution of your eBook
  • Sell your book and receive 100% of the profits

Our simple Ebook publishing service provides a clear and affordable package tailored to your needs. You could have your eBook uploaded to sell worldwide within 4 days.