We create beautiful books for publishing companies and clean documents for professional services worldwide. With many years of experience using the latest technologies you can be assured that your project will be completed to the highest standard.


We regularly complete projects for publishing companies and self-publishing authors and financial reports for accountancy and law firms.


Files are normally uploaded as a basic word processing format such as Word and are output in PDF but we can supply finished files in almost any format you require. We can easily supply files to any particular format for printing and can adhere to strict guidelines where necessary.


We work closely with several printing companies and so can offer support and guidance on any formatting queries you may have.


  • Quality service at a competitive price
  • Clear schedule and fast turnaround times
  • Progress reports at every stage of production
  • Dedicated customer support team


Our typesetting service includes selecting the most adequate style, size and composition of all text, photograph and design elements supplied. We will also work with you the to come up with a page layout design suitable for your book and target audience.


We have one typesetting service on offer which includes all the above at a very reasonable price of £4.40 per 1000 words – minimum cost for typesetting is £50. This price includes taking your manuscript in its current format, typesetting it in Adobe InDesign and then converting it to a finished print ready PDF book. You will receive a PDF proof copy of a section of the book (preliminary pages and the first two chapters) to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the layout before we proceed to complete the document.